Quiet Force In The Corner

When I was in high school I took a writer’s craft course in Grade 11. I had the most wonderful, intelligent, absolutely off-her-rocker teacher. Her students were all important to her, and she saw each of their worth and talent individually. She is one of my biggest inspirations for what I write and why I continue to write. While I was in that class she developed a nickname for me, which was her “quiet force in the corner.”

When I was in high school I was shy, awkward, afraid, and pretty invisible. Even more so than now believe it or not. But for some reason she saw something in me, and it always made me feel special and encouraged. Every time I wrote something she was impressed with, or put up my hand in class on the rare occasion, she acknowledged it with a kind smile or word and a twinkle in her eye. And this name has stuck with me ever since.

Now the name has developed even more meaning for me. I chose this as the title of my blog because to me it means that even if you’re quiet, shy, or “beneath the radar”, your voice still matters. If you feel insignificant, unusual, unoriginal, untalented, etc, don’t let that stop you. Use your voice anyway. Write, speak, sing, dance, draw, make macaroni mosaics, do whatever your passion is. Never give up. Even if you feel silly or that doesn’t make sense or what you’re trying to say or create doesn’t matter. It does matter. It matters that you do it. Everything that you do matters, because you do it.

Speak up in anyway that you can, even if that means not speaking. Stand out in your own way. No matter who you are you have worth, and can be your own force.

(This post lacks funnies but it’s late and I’m feeling more inspirational than usual)



Shoot Positivity Out of Your Butthole

Not just today. Not just in spite of the horrible events that have recently occurred in Orlando, FL. But because these horrible events keep happening, and there is no plausible way to stop them all together in one giant twitter movement. You know how we can change the world and make it a little better?

By being positive and kind in any little moment we can. Take all your strife and hardships and tackle it and mold it until it resembles something shiny and new and somewhat helpful. Buy a stranger a coffee. Smile at a cat if you don’t like cats. Or if you do like cats. Have a pleasant conversation with someone you don’t always get along with. Spend time with loved ones. Even if you’re both in sour moods– no, especially if you’re both feeling rotten. Take that rottenness and watch a crappy reality TV show or one of those one-star made for Netflix movies together and make fun of it. In a twisted way that is positivity.

It’s nearly impossible to be happy all the time. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression I know this all too well. We all have moments of ups and downs and honestly the downs seem to impact us far more. So we walk around carrying our shitbuckets (not real shitbuckets, metaphorical ones) dumping shit into everyone we interact with’s shitbuckets creating a whole lot of negativity and a god awful metaphorical smell.

So turn that negative shit into positive shit. Do as the title suggests. Or maybe do it in a more reasonable, less vulgar way. But this is how we can truly change the lives around us. No, this isn’t going to fix outrageous gun laws. And yes, that is a problem that needs to be addressed. But it’s not one we can necessarily do anything about individually. We can spread the word, that is doing something. But lets also look at building up the world around us one smile at a time.