An Introduction.

Let’s get into it.

I care about things. A lot of things. From the trivial to the crucial, I want to talk about and pick apart any and everything that I can. The problem is, I cannot express my thoughts and feelings through speech. The words seem to get lost before they even exit my mouth, and who knows where the heck they go. This is particularly difficult, because I would like to be able to communicate and discuss the things I care about with other people. So that’s why I write.

Although my writing is rusty, it’s not quite as rusty as my speech. And how do you deal with rust? Well actually, I don’t know. Oil? Of some sort? Anyway that’s not the point I’m attempting to make. The point is I love to write, and I want to improve my style while simultaneously dissecting topics important to me.

So here I am. Amateur, non-professional, usually confused, but passionate. And that’s what really counts right? At least that’s what I think. It doesn’t matter if anyone reads this or agrees with it or enjoys it, it just matters that I do it. I do it for me. It would just be a bonus if anyone happens to hear me.