Fathers Day.

I must admit it hasn’t been the easiest being your daughter.  But I imagine it hasn’t been the easiest being my father.

Your music collection has shaped my taste. Cat Stevens, Tom Petty, Don McLean, Eric Clapton and more. Always music in the house is one thing I remember.

Floor hockey when mom was away. It’s a miracle nothing was broken. Laughter and exhilaration over doing something mom would not approve of.

Movie night. “Tell us a story, a looooove story” your goofy exaggeration when suggesting Snow White always made us groan in exasperation. But secret giggles hid behind.

Why do never see cops on TV go the bathroom? Your obsession with toilets on film is all I need to know to confirm that I’m 100% your daughter.

I haven’t always felt the closest to you. I feel recently we’ve grown apart. I realize now that I’ve just been forgetting everything that makes you you, and that makes you my dad.

You have incredible strength and intelligence. You are kind and considerate and I know you think and worry deeply as I do. You reaching out to me in my recent times of struggle has touched my heart. And made me sad. For I have been a hypocrite.

I love you dad. You mean more to me than you know. Happy Father’s Day.