I’m not wise, but I like to pretend I am.

So this blog is an attempt at sharing the so-called “wisdom” I’ve gathered over my 21 years. Or really, it’s a way of venting the thoughts and feelings and experiences that have accumulated. And maybe, just maybe, it will resonate or comfort others.

I’m currently finishing my undergrad in Media Studies at a teensy tiny University in Ontario, Canada. And when I say teensy tiny, I mean we have 1200 students and our backyard is a cornfield. I love it. This tiny town has afforded me the opportunity to meet the most unique, creative, and passionate folks and has allowed me to learn and grow in ways I didn’t even know possible.

Not to set really high goals for myself, but I want to change the world. And the thing is, it’s actually fairly easy. Because changing the world can be as small as a gesture of kindness to one person. For me, I want to open up and continue conversation surrounding Mental Health and Suicide Awareness. I want to be involved in the social-political life of students on University campuses. I want to have healthy debates about inclusivity and intersectionality.

This, is what changing the world looks like to me.




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