The Cloud

Lately I’ve felt a cloud loom over my mind.

It’s not an unfamiliar cloud; it has visited many times before. It has rained and poured and stormed for weeks, months, even years before.

Not long ago the cloud caused the worst storm it ever has, and its flood almost won. I didn’t let it though. I Noah’s-Arked that shit. I built a boat of the smallest piece of driftwood and survived that drought.

And for a long while now I’ve lived in the sun. I now remember what it’s like to let the sunshine in again and feel the warmth; and I love it. I thrive in the sun and have mimicked its shine in my own way.

However the sunshine can’t stay forever, I’m learning. The clouds do come back and rain falls. But this time I’m prepared– I have my umbrella. I have strong supports in friends and family, I have my causes and my passions, and I have myself.

So bring it on rain, I’m not afraid to get a little wet.

And if you too have a cloud in your mind, there is room under my umbrella.

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