The Right People

Not left people.

That was a bad joke. And not meant to offend any left-handed persons. I have great friends who are left-handed. I think. I don’t know actually.

But I do have great friends. That’s for sure. And I don’t appreciate that enough. I’ve focused too much on the negative, and on myself, and how I feel lonely and unfulfilled, that I haven’t stopped to smell my friends. Okay that sounds bad and not as funny as I meant it to be. It’s more just weird. It was supposed to be a spin on “stop to smell the roses”. I’m over-explaining.


Rebecca, Kyra, Dan, Sarah, Richard, Justine, Tannishtha, Dylan, and Danica. This is a call out post. It’s hard to find real, genuine friends. Or maybe it’s not. But it’s always been a struggle for me, due to self-esteem issues and social anxiety. But this post isn’t about me. It’s about you. You’re all gems. Gems that underestimate their worth and who should know how dear you all are to me. I didn’t want to just write a general post about friendship, I wanted to say your names individually because you deserve to know how special you are. (However, if you’re uncomfortable with your name being up here just let me know and I’ll edit it out).

Each one of you has a distinct personality and something special I’ve never seen in anyone else. And each one of you holds a special place in my heart. Even if we don’t talk or see each other every day. I know that you’re friendship is true. I’ve had deep, thoughtful conversations with each of you, as well as oodles of laughs. None of you are afraid to be your true selves. At least around me. And I feel extremely grateful for that. Every single one of you has changed my life in some way. For the better. And I value all of you for similar yet various reasons.

Rebecca, you are my oldest friend. You know me through and through. All my weird phases, haircuts, and embarrassing moments. There is nothing I can’t tell you. We may not talk every day, but when we do talk or see each other, it’s like no time has passed. You are unique, kind, and a fierce friend. I know I can always count on you.

Kyra, you are my wife. You got me through four hellish years, and have remained my best friend. I’ve loved watching you grow into this smart, determined, confident person. You’re so strong and independent, yet still the goofy free-spirit I met in grade 9 gym class. You’re five thumbs up in my books.

Dan, I am so glad I sparked up conversation with you that day on the bus. You’re individuality is inspiring. You’re extremely smart and so artistically talented it’s jealousy invoking. But I can’t be envious of you, only proud. I’ve always wanted another brother, and even though I’ve only met you this year I consider you one.

Sarah. What can I even say about you. I constantly forget that you’re younger than me. You’re adorable, smart, and absolutely fucking hilarious I can’t believe I’ve never wet myself in your presence. I love hearing about your dreams, and your love for mystery and crime novels. Even though it’s terrifying. I know I can always count on you for an interesting conversation and a laugh.

Richard, you have been my rock lately. Like I’ve said many a time, we are kindred spirits. You have shown me such kindness and friendship in a time that has been very difficult for both of us. You understand me, you listen to me, and you never judge me. I know we’ll be friends forever.

Justine, you are like my older sister. You are so so so incredibly strong, and so loving. You’ve inspired me and helped me during this journey I’m on. You underestimate your worth. Even though we are both going through hard times, we are still able to laugh together. And I cherish that so much.

Tannishtha, I miss you so much. You’re a firecracker, and your intelligence and humour are unmatchable. Our late night adventures at Kintore were the best part of my first year of University. You’re going to the conquer the world one day and I can’t wait to see it happen.

Dylan, we’ve never met. And we don’t talk as much as we used to. I’m at fault for that. Even though you’re an internet friend, that does not mean you are not a real friend. You’re one of the realest friends I’ve ever had. We are so alike, and your friendship means the world to me and always will.

Danica, you are truly one of a kind. You’re sweetness and bubbly personality always makes my day when we hang out. Even if we both get busy and don’t see each other often. You are your own person and don’t give a shit what other people think. It’s inspiring and often hilarious to hear you rant. Answer your cell phone.

Each one of you are a treasure. You’re the right people, and I am so bloody thankful to have you’s in my life.

I love you.


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